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GigaNation - Decoding the Tech Career

Feb 1, 2018

Have you heard of Facebook?  That’s not really a question anyone needs to ask because it’s one of the largest and most influential software companies in the world.  Today’s special guest works there as a software engineer and shares his tips on how you can land your dream job.


Ngoc talks about his journey on how he went from failing introductory computer science class in college to working at Facebook. Having also received numerous job offers from other large software companies, Ngoc details which resources he utilised to prepare for interviews and how he displayed his coding projects to impress prospective employers.


What makes a good resume?  How do I get noticed?  If you’ve ever asked these questions, tune in to discover great tips on how to boost your success rate when applying for jobs.


  • Tips on how to prepare for interviews
  • How to tailor your resume
  • Internships and referrals are definitely beneficial